King Kong came to Town



It’s been a busy week, filled with musicals, running for the train, paneer dosas and golden gaytime milkshakes. Last weekend it was Valentines day and I had a lovely dinner date with my cousin and her annoying friend who third-wheeled with us. I spent an hour wandering down Bourke and Exhibition Street, discovering little bookstores and dvd sales with cult classics and old westerns. A stroll to the top of bourke street took me to Parliament building and Carlton gardens, where I was faced with couples couples couples everywhere, canoodling on picnic blankets with their cute valentines bottle of wine. Dinner at Trunk Diner was cute and busy, with quesadillas and the spiciest chicken I have ever ever tasted. The Golden Gaytime milkshake is probably the best milkshake I have ever tasted and I am definitely going back for more. It was a fun Valentines day and the fact that I’m single didn’t seem to matter, I’m in a city I am growing to love, doing things that I love, and loving my independence and the person I am trying to be.


Saturday was another busy day with a trip to DFO where I scored some Adidas running shoes for $38.50, a jaunt off to Dandenong (bogan town) with a friend from work and her sister. We went sari-shopping, ate paneer dosas and drank masala tea, and saw many a sleezy indian and bogans high on the train. I bought paneer, cumin powder and daal. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually miss having daal. I have no idea how to make it but the sight of the packet sitting on my kitchen shelf is just as comforting. In the evening I went out for dinner to Chinatown with my cousin and her friends, followed by drinks at Fathers Office and clubbing at some place called Lounge Bar I think with the worst music ever. Despite the music, the company was great and I had made the most of my night, dancing with my cousins Romanian friend from Sydney who was also determined to have a good time. Sunday was a lazy day, I ran home in the rain from the train station, after sleeping the night at my cousins house, and was grateful for a change of clothes so it didn’t look like I was doing a Walk (or run) of Shame in the morning. I had another friend over for dinner and almost didn’t burn my beef stirfry…but then I did. We still ate it and pretended it was fine. I’m getting better at cooking though, my food is getting much more edible and I’m trying out new recipes and even straying from the recipes when I dare to.


The highlight of my weekend was probably going to King Kong at The Regent Theatre. It’s the first time ive gone to a professional musical since I was little, and my mum took me to My Fair Lady. I absolutely loved it and I can say that my life feels so much richer and fuller for having gone to a musical of this scale. I feel incredibly lucky to be here, at this moment, and to be able to take advantage of all these opportunities. Halftix is a gift from God – the seats weren’t great but with half-price tickets, who can complain. I was telling my brother about King Kongs facial expressions afterwards and the conversation went something like this:


Denver: how was King kong?

Anushka: hey it was really good. Couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw king kong on stage. I was wondering when you came to Melbourne.

Denver: when I came to Melbourne? Ooh! Piece of crap. I was wondering what you were trying to say!

Anushka: hahaha! Slow


This week has been busier, with meetings, trainings, cold weather and early mornings. What I’ve noticed, in comparing countries, people, places, myself – a pre-Anushka and post-Anushka almost – is that there is so much more to gain from life in moving, in picking up your roots and taking them elsewhere as a responsible and financially stable adult. There is an empowerment and self-awareness that comes with moving – not as a child with your family, or as a 20-something old with a boyfriend, but as a single independent woman. Every disappointment and battle lost, is something I will have faced alone but with the support of my family and people I love, and learnt from and grown more because of it. And every success, and mountain conquered is a joy felt even greater because of the realisation that I did it on my own.


I’m getting used to screwing up and realising that its okay to do that. Its okay to get lost and have no idea where I am, to spend hours deciding whether to buy a sandwich press for $7.50 from Big W or not (I finally bought it in the end!), and make a cake in a cup in the microwave when you’re ovenless. I’m getting used to having random people do weird things on the road, like purple-haired cross-dressed guys high-fiving me, and drunk students in prahran cornering me and singing when I’m walking home with my groceries (who drinks at 5pm on a Sunday?!!) and high kids on the train dropping their Gobstoppers and trying to bite each other. Yes I get way too annoyed with myself when I screw up and saying ‘oh god I don’t know where it is. Eggs. Eggs. Eggs’ out loud in the supermarket is probably not doing wonders for my public image, but I was incredibly disappointed earlier this week when I accidently deleted all my photos from the weekend off my phone. That was photos of me with friends at work, making a video for a Bridges project, pics from dandenong, valentines day, clubbing, fathers office, my food I cooked, and parliament building. But I’m sure I’ll go back to these places, and take even more photos when I do.


There are lots more place to explore closer to home and each time I find something new I feel like I’ve discovered a new treasure, marked X on the map and I can’t wait to share it with the world. On the way to the local library last week I found an American style Diner on the corner of Chapel Street and Toorak Road called Soda Pop, with a milkshake bar, and a juke box playing. It reminded me so much of Pop’s from Archie’s comics, I have to go there sometime. Chapel Street is vibrant and lively….there is so much to do I cannot wait to start. I’ve noticed that moving to a new place makes it so much easier to spend hours with people you may barely have talked to in Auckland, but the fact that you know off each other and you’re both from Auckland, makes you bond instantly in a new city. I’m making more new friends though, and with White Night coming up this Saturday, I’m looking forward to hanging out with friends from work, out of work, and feeling twenty two…everything will be alright if, you have me next to you ❤ 

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