So I started writing this song but then I realised I pretty much ripped off the tune from Bitch don’t kill my vibe hahah


Woah ho-ho-ho yea I don’t know what love is, but I know where my heart is
And it’s right there behind you baby, steppin up to look sharp cos you’re sharp baby
I could be the man by your side, stay and confide
Making you right, till morning light
Doing you right baby
Cos I can see the world changing, one by one they go blamin
Brothers and sisters fighting, people makin lines dividin
By I could be your shoulder, day by day we both grow older

Another start of a song:

Song about the checkout boy

Sunday at the checkout, you were packin them bags with them long muscled hands
Half smile playing on your face you said hey and scanned my tomato soup cans
Didn’t even need to flex. Your arms hard like persaplex

Yeah I was that gur-hur-hurl. And you were that boy.
What kinda life could we have right now baby
If it weren’t
Sunday at the checkout, you wore your Aldi name tag
That said hey my names Dag

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