A few weeks ago I was on the train coming back from my Salsa class and the train driver announced that there was a lunar eclipse on our left as we left Flinders Street station. Like children we all rushed over to the left hand side of the train looking for the moon – or lack thereof. Sure enough we saw a black circle slowly block out the moon and on my way home I kept looking out for it. Closer to my house I saw a person standing in the middle of the road taking a photo of the roof of an apartment building. Thought she was kinda weird and continued walking past when I realised it was probably the eclipse.

Turning strangers into friends, we ended up talking for at least 20 mins, discussing eclipses we’d seen as a kid and how weird it was, whether solar eclipses make you blind, and lots of other things before we finally said our goodbyes and went home. Its amazing how little things like natures wonders can create a space where it’s possible for two strangers to begin talking and share details of their lives and their childhood memories within seconds of meeting each other. Some might say that’s just me or people who are ‘my type of people’ but I don’t think so. I think there comes a point when the barriers of societal propriety or restraint or decorum or whatever you want to call it are broken down by wonder and awe and a sense of being much smaller than the world we inhabit.

I looked out for her a few times after that but never saw her again but I will always remember the joy of making a new friend in an unexpected way. Weeks passed and summer is almost here, despite the torrential rain we had on Monday with thunderstorms all night. My 45 minute trip to work took one hour and 45 minutes that morning and my shoes were still wet at the end of the day. It seems like the rainbow is out now well and truly and summer is finally on its way. I feel like ice cream and sun block and strappy sandals with sun kissed freckles on my back. Speaking of which I finally own a pair of john lennon sunglasses – they are plastic not metal which is slightly disappointing but very Beatlesque never the less. Tres fontastique!

I went to a vintage sale held by Retrovintage in Brunswick last weekend and got some real gems including a bright orange sweater that I have fallen in love with. I have been busy altering all the clothes I’ve bought, hemming and taking in and taking in even more as I drown in most dresses but it will be worth it in the end. Also working on my Thank you presents for everyone at work and found some gorgeous Essendon teddy bears at a vintage toy shop which will be really handy.

Pushing to finish my picture book I’m making for a friend at work by tomorrow but somehow I don’t think its going to happen. Ah well 2 days until cup week and there begins my next Adventure  wherever the West winds blow me (they just happen to be going to Tasmania)!