4 minute poem

Quick poem to break the monotony of socio course readings!

Always loved this video of young Courtney Cox at a Bruce Springsteen show and her adorable awestruck wonder when she is invited up on stage by the man himself.


To be chosen

I know I’m a hot mess
Flushing crimson to my toes
Like pidgeons cooing
Geisha’s wooing
Their samurai badboy
Like Don Cheadle
In man with the iron fists
But unless you were Lady Silk
You wouldn’t know good it feels
To be chosen

Like Courtney Cox
At that brucespringsteen concert
I’ve got that look on my face
“Oh. Me?” disbelief
painted across my skin
In indelible ink
Yes you
Hashtag fangirl
Get on up

I know I’m no Courtney
But I could dance on your stage
Like only a woman can
Who knows she’s wanted
Cos oh how good it feels
To be chosen


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